Hexion Specialty Chemicals focuses on developing Durite® resins at the forefront of technology for specialty novolac hardeners (epoxy curing agents) and resoles for the next generation needs of niche applications in diverse fields such as the electronics and adhesives markets.

Durite™ SC-1008

Durite™ SC-1008 is a phenolic laminating varnish specifically designed for applications where extended exposure at temperatures up to 500 degrees F is required.

Hexion is a long-time leader in thermoset resin technology for the refractory industry. Our Bakelite® portfolio of high-strength, lower emissions phenolic resin products can be used in the production of highly durable shaped, unshaped and impregnation products. Durite is a subset of the Bakelite line of phenolic resins.


SC-1008 is used to make glass cloth laminates that meet or exceed all of the requirements for classification and approval to both MIL-R-9299C and MIL-DTL-64154.